Day Tour : Turtle Island, Vanishing Islet & Plaza Resort ~ ☼☼☼


A week of planning and here we are! Turtle Island!

3 hrs. drive, the road is worst. Imagine riding a roller coaster hehe. When we arrived at this private resort, we are all hungry and so eager to eat breakfast. The weather is not so nice that day, the sun didn’t even cooperate but we are so all excited what awaits us that day!

And there’s the Floating Cottage!


While they prepared for food, we go around to explore the area that surrounds the resort – I know, it’s all water around lol but what’s so exciting to see are the fishes, sea turtles, jelly fish, star fish and many others!

After eating, fun started as they picked their life jackets ride the kayak while waiting for the pump boat driver to arrive – He’ll be responsible in pulling our cottage up to what they call “The Vanishing Islet”…


While others are just enjoying the view and the food, and the water!

Even puppy *moi-moi*  had her kayak moment! =P


When the pump boat driver arrived and starts pulling our cottage , the fun didn’t stopped!

From the resort to the vanishing islet takes almost an hour! +__+ zoomed the camera and there it is!


When we got there, I was so amazed how beautiful it is! White sand, crystal clear water and Star fish scattered around, u can pick as many as u can haha!

Before this islet starts to vanish ( as they say..) it’s time to go. It has been so much fun, in less than an hour, it feels so long! …and yes, I left a mark there!


While going back to the resort, that’s another hour of being in the middle of the sea, everyone felt tired, some slept ( it felt like swinging so possible u’ll fall asleep!) while the rest are just talking about what they are seeing around.

Upon arrival, I tried my luck w/ the Kayak!

It’s very scary for me who can’t swim and not to mention it’s too deep! I even forgot that I am wearing a life jacket, but all scares are inside me and all we did was just laughing and screaming. Unfortunately, we didn’t go as far as others does. It’s really too scaryyy =P . The experience was awesome, no regrets ^__^


After the kayak, we went off to some other part of the resort…and surprisingly we’ve seen this ~↓↓↓ …as well as other types of fishes…

The last part would be going around that bridge on the other side. I’ve been wanting to go there since we arrived =)

Homeward bound. After 2 hrs. on the road we stopped by @ San Lorenzo Ruiz Church…


…finally got home past 6pm and so so tired but all worth it! Thank GOD for the safe trip and a wonderful and memorable experience!~♥♥♥

~My Birthday’s Beach Day~☼☼






For the rest of the selected photos, the photo album is just below~*


I had been to this place for couple of time already, and every time we’re here there’s always some changes…. like this floating cottage below.. I so wanted to go there but It’s occupied that time 😦





….We went there so early, and it was very peaceful and quiet… ^.^






It was a fun and wonderful day w/ my family , friends and relatives ( I’m not allowed to post their photos~)..I enjoyed so much even getting sunburns on my back 🙂

Photos from the past…

"Photographs are like broken pieces of the past. U can always see it, u can always think of it. But u can't bring back the feelings and emotions that the camera has once captured".


Photos are taken 5 years ago~*those were the days……….and I was still this tiny?!..>.< 我希望到現在為止我..
Taken somewhere in the beach w/ Lady X, we r eating in the Beach Hauz's Garage ;p

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Beach Day : Cean’s Birthday!!

Sunday was Cean's 2nd Birthday and we go w/ them to the Beach.


Zaki and Cean had lots of fun!!!





And spotted a little girl bathing on the shore…

We also went to the rocky area of the place…




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Zaki’s Beach Day♥

It was a very sunny Sunday~ as we woke up so early and went to the school park nearby for a walk…along w/ Maui♥



After that, we're back home and ready for our Beach♥day!


And we're here!! The place is a bit different now, the ruined big boat was gone already… And since it's still so early, less people then Zaki can go run around the place w/out us worrying w/ crowds…


And meeting a new friend ^q^ ( she's such a friendly girl ;p )

And the story about this little girl (in orange) as u can notice, her right leg is half~as i was so curious too why Zaki was running and she's kneeling..( she was an unwanted baby and her mother decided to abort her, but failed)…Very bad. No matter what her reasons might be, still a bad decision she has made~..



It was all~play…!!


That even when u tell her to stop, she won't listen……..

And then there was singing♪♫~too….:))

~ ~♫♪♫♪♫~~


And play~again…….. not minding the sun☼….



And she was so asleep when we are finally back home… and played again, the moment she was awake..and this time, w/ Barney~!!

~~~~~~~~~~ (^_~) ~~~~~~~~~~

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~Nothin’ Like the Summer~☼☼☼♥

Summer has already started~!! I can’t think of ways on how to enjoy it.  Perhaps, on the beach? I’ve had enough *beach days* last year ^q^ like every 2 months we go to the beach as I remembered. I am looking forward to see my niece♥, they are planning to visit home and I surely would go there to see them so I am hoping they’ll pursue that plan. I would also want to go to that *eco~park* which has an overview of the city… we had planned it for few times already but ended up nothing.. One day I might go there alone! I also want to visit the *City of Majestic Falls* ^q^ My mother will be going there next month along w/ my sis for her schooling. I wish I can go, too~!!

More beach♥days…..I hope it will be an exciting summer as last year!


This song was introduced to me by my special some1♥ ~ 2 yrs ago.. It was love at first listen♪~ And right that very moment, I fell in~love w/ him the song ^q^
~but of course, w/ him♥,on that same year♥♥♥..
w/ such wonderful lyrics , it'll make u more feel the summer season☼☼~!! I hope u will enjoy the song as much as i did, now and then 😉

A firefly glowin' on my left hand
Used to pretend it was a weddin' band
A tall cool glass of Mama's lemonade
Sold from a stand that me and my sister made
We'd count our quarters in the shade
Underneath a tree

2nd Verse

The boys in the clubhouse are right next door
Playin' cops and robbers and the Civil War
We'd all meet up at the swimmin' hole
With marshmellow sticks and our homemade fishin' poles
And the stars would guide us home
Oh, those sweet memories


(Well) I love those summer days
Driftin' on by like a slow parade
And everything feels fine in the warm sunshine
When your world unwinds
And 'ya kick back in your flip-flops
And 'ya don't care about the tick-tock
And the world is full of music, dreams, and lovers
There ain't nothin' like the summer
(I love those summer days)
There ain't nothin' like the summer
(I love those summer days)
(I love those summer days)

3rd Verse

A blue-eyed boy with the baseball tan
On the ferris wheel he takes my hand
Long, slow dance underneath the moon
Prayin' so hard that the night won't end too soon
He whispers, 'I love you'
And I melt into his arms

(Repeat Chorus)


The sun goes down, and the barbecue's lit
The radio's playin' that summer hit
We all wish these days would last forever ….☼



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