My Spaghetti in Spiral Pasta! =)




週末 ♥ LSS!


Ding Dang 

These are my 2 most played songs this week ^.^

I really love it, the melody, the lyrics, and Ding Dang’s voice is just so amazing!!




We just had our afternoon snacks, Coke Float (from Jollibee – we’re giving it a try though I’ve had already tried their watermelon sprite…) and Cinnamon bread, Yum!!  So our tums are filled as well as the puppy, super filled.

Enjoy and Happy Weekend!!  🙂

Fudgee Float ~ I made it myself ^.~

….for the very first time ^.^ I know it was so easy to prepare to some but for me it was like a big achievement lol ^.~

DSC08568 DSC08572


DSC08574 DSC08573

I must say it was toooo sweet~*more milk, less Cream and then topped it w/ lots of Nipps candies which made it more sweeter >.< but gladly, they all loved it. I’ll make sure next time it’ll be better 🙂