::The Gazebo ~ In Photos ::

Last Thursday we went out of town to the Gazebo in the nearby city.

Gazebo2 Gazebo1

It is a resort that lies within the wide river and of course, mountains!! When we arrived, we then go around the place for some pictures! ^.^




Gazebo3 g1







g8 And then to the POOLS! They have 3 pools and for adults and kids – I was in the kid’s pool , cuz I can’t swim – I do went to the Adult’s Pool but on the sides ^.^




 Gazebo6   Gazeb07 p1






They also had their fun jumping moments…in which the Resort Manager had to remind me couple of times that if something will happen, they are not liable..





These are some photos from near the river…


And they have a pool which is still under construction, am not sure if it is a pool alone or with something else cause’ it’s too deep if ever …

DSC09047 DSC09046


Wedding : Romeo & Afril ♥

Last week I’ve had attended my staff’s wedding in which I was one of the principal sponsors. I am too young to be one but I cannot refuse but honored to be a part of it. So it was my very first time to be a principal sponsor and to have witnessed a wedding at a court so it’s a new experience for me!


I am somewhere behind them. Special thank u to Ms. M for taking all photos inside the court 🙂

Reception followed at the Bride’s residence ^.^ I cannot post some photos for personal reasons.




DSCN2621 DSCN2620

DSCN2619 DSCN2622


And the place was so peaceful, i love it! ^.^

DSCN2659 DSCN2676


生日快樂 Shiela~!!!

Last night was my staff’s birthday and I’m so glad she liked the *My Melody* stuffed toy I gave her and of course, the Mocha Cake rolls! We also had dinner along w/ defiant and miming, then had some Double Dutch & Almond Choco Fudge Ice Cream! 🙂

March 14, 2011

Never in my life that I missed to have a cake for my birthday ( that includes candles! Yes, I still blow candles up to now) cause’ a birthday is not a birthday w/out it :P. So I tried to make sure that the people dearest to me can also have that same happiness that I felt every birthday – which is really a most special day in a person’s life ^.^

It’s a beautiful day today, weather’s good and it’s warm & windy~☼

Raining like crazy~!

Our outing yesterday was fun despite the bad weather. We’re so disappointed w/ the weather but we can’t just frown there the whole time. We also can’t just go around the place because some areas were slippery and we’re always reminded to be extra careful as an accident happened there last month. And yes, there are lots of rocks there – so rocky!! And, big rocks, u know 😛

So, there’s eating, others drinking… Playing w/ baby mic~mic ^. ^ And like everyone had their moment of slipping everywhere lol. Lucky ME!! Yeah, I was just sitting somewhere and busy w/ my fone♥.

One time, the rain stopped, we all went out for pictures and u know it’s always better when there’s a sunlight and blue sky and will make the sea really nice!! Of course, the place is nice, but so nicer in good weather! After that moment, here comes the heavy rain again and we’d run back to out cottage. Rain didn’t stop until we left the place, in fact, worst!

And worst today, as it’s so windy and it’s already flooding in streets. Hope this Low Pressure will go away and weather will be much nicer soon!!


Fudgee Float ~ I made it myself ^.~

….for the very first time ^.^ I know it was so easy to prepare to some but for me it was like a big achievement lol ^.~

DSC08568 DSC08572


DSC08574 DSC08573

I must say it was toooo sweet~*more milk, less Cream and then topped it w/ lots of Nipps candies which made it more sweeter >.< but gladly, they all loved it. I’ll make sure next time it’ll be better 🙂

~Kahimunan 2011~

So i went only to watch the Street Dancing and had not seen the contest proper cause’ i got so tired of waiting…and i hated the weather, felt like am burning >.<  Spent few hours @ McD♥ as the said parade will pass by there.

had my tum’s bff~♥while waiting….





DSCN2130 DSCN2129









They are the winning group :) DSCN2149


DSCN2157 DSCN2155 DSCN2154

DSCN2159 and there’s also this family who joined the parade ^.^ see that cute kid?


…and the Julie’s mascot came too…


they’re the last one to pass by. Some people walked along w/ parade up to the area where the contest proper will take place and it’s like 3km?..and no way I can go that far 🙂 and since streets were closed, u have no choice but to walk.  I don’t have my photo but ming~ming does!!


But I have one at the mall LOL 😛