Monday 可愛和笑聲~♥

Power has been off by morning for few hours and back this afternoon followed by on and off for few minutes which was so annoying…>.< The weather was hot and suddenly heavy rain it stopped @.@ Anyway, found this video of my godson and uploaded it the other day~* Happy Monday~!!

Baby Mic~Mic ~♥, Super laugh!

Friday Morning w/ Baby Mic~Mic♥

Time passes by so quickly, that we did not noticed ^^ I was so happy this morning to see my 10th godson *Baby Mic~Mic♥ who will be turning 4 months this coming June 15th.. He grew up so fast ^^ so cute in a rasta cap?
And this Tiger baby♥boy, always make the this cutest shock~like expression 😛

Happy Friday! ^_~

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With Lots of Love & Hugs from jiao♥mu~!!

Today is my baby♥Jian’s 4th birthday~! The eldest among my godchildren ^q^ I am looking forward to seeing him soon. It wouldn’t be so appropriate to celebrate the occasion into a fun filled way after losing a dad and a baby sister.  Things he may not understand yet but in due time. 

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