Family Day♥

I had the entire day spent w/ my family (well except for my younger bro who was left to take care of the store and my younger sis who’s on her Summer Classes).  I was too lazy to take pictures as  was really feeling so tired, but my bro was taking pix so hopefully I can grab some soon, when they are not busy anymore.. ^.^ We had a heavy lunch and had my fave♥ Halo~Halo!


And my niece, Zaki trying to take us a photo w/ my bro 😛


DSCN3024  DSCN3023

Tsunamis to hit the country today?

This is really an alarming news that I am so unaware of until this morning told by a friend. I can see my hometown listed here . My bro's only one left there now , while my parents and sis are w/ me for the weekend. My friend told me it's been raining much in their town now ~ i had asked my bro and so far the weather is OK. I hope everyone will be safe. 

~Have a blessed♥ Sunday~

~Updates ~ 5:45 pm~

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