~Julia meets Baby♥Cua~!^.^

Our weather yesterday has been so bad as it has been raining all day and until today. And the wind makes it so chilly~*


So, it’s been a month that I have not seen Julia, and she was here yesterday. She’s really scared w/ the puppy at first and then later on, she liked her already!


 DSCN2485 DSCN2486 DSCN2479 DSCN2482 DSCN2483 DSCN2484


Monday 可愛和笑聲~♥

Power has been off by morning for few hours and back this afternoon followed by on and off for few minutes which was so annoying…>.< The weather was hot and suddenly heavy rain poured..now it stopped @.@ Anyway, found this video of my godson and uploaded it the other day~* Happy Monday~!!

Baby Mic~Mic ~♥, Super laugh!

Funny Moments at the Carnival ^q^

As part of the *Fiesta Activities* there's this carnival downtown..
Before the fun began~ we undergo a sweaty event at the Entrance…haha, I'm talking about the super crowded entrance! My shirt has already gone wet the time i finally got in >.< I can't even remember how many times my dear♥feet was stepped on..

We head on to the first ride..it was called *The Apollo Rocket*…
it doesn't look like a rocket to me~hmmmm.. While waiting for the tickets, i got the time to watch the *Scrambler* it was scary, i told them we'll ride it last before going home… so we went to the rocket ride~.it was a bit boring, lil screams and more of *1 more~turn*!!!


They called it *Apollo Rocket*
After that, i asked the kids which one should be next, they want Ferris Wheel*, but since the Dolphin ride is nearer, so they ride that first..Only the kids ^q^


Pic1: my co~supervisor with Ann and Marilyn 😉

Then head on to the Ferris Wheel..having doubts on riding as my co~supervisor dun want to ride and kept telling me it's not good to ride in…I did ride the Ferris wheel..I began to feel nervous while waiting for tickets.. I know Ferris wheel should be slow~but why it looks so fast and why too much screaming up there?.. Ok, and it's our turn.. it was laugh at first…cool air up there, w/ an overlooking view of the carnival until…………it began to move fast…and faster and fastest… funny to tell but i can only remember i screamed : Lord. >.< after that i was quiet, eyes closed while holding so tight at the grills..while my staffs kept screaming to stop! They wanna go down lol :)) Told them in awhile it will~ By the time we reached down, we screamed to the operator to stop it cause we r going down hahaha!… We are all laughing wen we came out. I can't imagine myself while my staff telling me about it!!! One of my staff (a guy) even vomit afterwards. But Jian still wanna ride again ^q^ i bet he enjoyed it!


Then we head on to the duck rides, then the bump cars..


Baby Jian and Nak~nak on Duck Rides and Bump Cars.
and to the Scrambler,,,only them.. I think I can't anymore ^^
Just watching scares me already, i can't anymore imagine if i was the one in there.. (sorry for the fuzzy photos, it's a bit difficult to capture a scrambler in fast motion*~


*Ann, Noel and GG ride the Scrambler*
And a more fuzzier~video hahaha – not to mention the noisy screams!

Still the carnival was filled w/ so many people despite the late hours. It's already past 12 when we're out. We dropped by that Henna Tattoo booth but it's crowded too, so we just go home ^q^

It was a fun~filled night, tired >.< I drink milk and then telling my parents about the carnival thing and it's almost 2am I got in bed and then I fell asleep.

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~***Christmas Time and my Kiddies***~!♥♥♥

Christmas Time is fast approaching and for me it’s a *fairy god mommy* time!!! Yeah, I am a godmother of 9 kids/babies ~since I was 21 ^0^.. I really loved being one, because I so love kids and babies, their presence really do make me so happy. And during this season, buying presents for them is really a must! Like I’m a Santa lol ~ not only for them but also for other kids who are so dear to my ♥heart♥.. Below are my *dearest* Godchildren…

Meet Baby Jian ~ He’s my first godson, way back 2006 and I was just 21 that time. He already turned 3 last April 14th.  The 1st as they always say is lucky especially it’s a baby boy. I always believe in that! His dad is one of my staff and mom , too. I picked the name *jian* for them and joseph was derived from the dad’s name.

DSC01449Jian ~ scared of me?♥Baby Jian♥

Aljon ~ the 2nd… Again, a boy! I seldom see him. Only when they visit me at work. He is a snub kid, really. He doesn’t talk much like others. Or maybe shy? He also turned 3 last January 29th.  I was asked to be a godmother by his late Grandma ~ I already met his parents during one of the company’s year-end parties.

Albert ~ 3rd and I don’t have any photo of him as they live in other city, though am trying to asked from his mom if she could email it to me or mms maybe. He’ll be turning 3 this 26th next month [after xmas].. His mom was a friend and co-employee before when we used to work for Johnson & Johnsons. [ no photo available] ..


Xianjoe Matthew ~ the 4th and the most hyper kid among them. He’s really so talkative and I love it! He’s also turning 3 this 27th next month [next to baby albert]. His mom is a very close friend. [ i tried looking up on my other site for his photos if there's any]


Zeth Andrew ~ the 5th, and just turned 2 last June [2009]. I get to see him a lot because his mom is my boss’ niece and such a good friend. He’s really playful and has toured Asia a lot at a super young age!

Baby Zeth @ Ruins of St. Paul.with cute panda statue


Jules Willis ~ the 6th , he just turned 2 last November 5  ~ I also get to see him a lot because he is my former Front Desk’s  son.


Earl Justin Charles ~ the 7th, and will turn 2 this 11th of next month. His dad is really a good friend of mine and always teases me that as long as I don’t get a baby girl I will not get married anymore LOL! [which is really not true, I guess!] I don't have any photo of him as of now but a funny video was sent by his dad ^0^



Mishca Andrea ~ the 8th and a BABY GIRL!!!! , finally, as one of my closest friend gave birth to a baby girl on March 19 of 2008 ~ and asked me to be the baby’s godmother. I didn’t let that opportunity pass ~ u knw what I mean! Baby Mishca already turned 1 last March. 

Mishca and the red boots peek a boo !Mishca in Pooh Dress

And Baby Pooh fell asleep ^0^


Coleen ~ the 9th , was born January this year. So tiny she is. I was asked to be her godmother last September by his father who is my staff. Though I haven’t attended the christening day due to a conflict of schedules and the location was really far [ though I wanted to attend even just for few hours but really not possible cause by just going there took really hours].




May you all have a wonderful time this Christmas!



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Keabadian Cinta ^_^

Another very cute video (am such a fan of this girl) where she was singing Keabadian Cinta (The Eternity of Love) by Anuar Zain – wow she's really a fan of Anuar-

More CUTE videos :

Monday, Today- was declared as special non-working holiday. …ZZzzzzz >_<

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