~Sunday Cuteness ^^ ♥

It's a beautiful Sunny, Sunny, Sunday morning ^q^ and I would like to share some of these cute~ness that i had really enjoyed♥~And maybe, i am still a bit of like this cute♥puppy below…..

And Since FIFA has already started, I wonder if Dogs joined, too!^^

Or maybe joined Frisbee?

Some would just want to Kiss♥♥♥?

Some trying to be CooL, catching some Air!

ahhhh~ And here's Inspector Catdget~!

And, please Hang in there!

And some fur~ball wanna join this post, like he feels he belong? though i dunno where is exactly his face ^q^

And to end this so much cute♥ness post is this cute Akita asleep under a Bonsai~!!! ^q^

I may would want to go back Zzzzzz watching it, so cute^^

☼☼☼~And wishing u all a most fun~filled Sunday~!!!

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