Zaki’s Beach Day♥

It was a very sunny Sunday~ as we woke up so early and went to the school park nearby for a walk…along w/ Maui♥



After that, we're back home and ready for our Beach♥day!


And we're here!! The place is a bit different now, the ruined big boat was gone already… And since it's still so early, less people then Zaki can go run around the place w/out us worrying w/ crowds…


And meeting a new friend ^q^ ( she's such a friendly girl ;p )

And the story about this little girl (in orange) as u can notice, her right leg is half~as i was so curious too why Zaki was running and she's kneeling..( she was an unwanted baby and her mother decided to abort her, but failed)…Very bad. No matter what her reasons might be, still a bad decision she has made~..



It was all~play…!!


That even when u tell her to stop, she won't listen……..

And then there was singing♪♫~too….:))

~ ~♫♪♫♪♫~~


And play~again…….. not minding the sun☼….



And she was so asleep when we are finally back home… and played again, the moment she was awake..and this time, w/ Barney~!!

~~~~~~~~~~ (^_~) ~~~~~~~~~~

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^0^ Zaki~cuteness~!

I can’t imagine that this is my niece now. Grown up so fast ~ she just turned 2 last June 30 this year. Her haircut reminds me of Dora the Explorer ~ But the cuteness remains ~ !

                                                ~I used to seeing her w/ less hair ~

1_460253466l1_257753590l1_131256556l1_290817264lZaki new1_556029349l1_420448652l1_496113822l

~……..And lesser hair…..~

Zaki ^_^Zacchi AnezkaZacchi AnezkaZacchi Anezka Zacchi AnezkaZacchi Anezka

Zacchi Anezka♥♥♥

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