Morning w/ Maui♥

Monday morning i woke up and took Maui out for a walk (it was a run..). But since he's chained , the more he runs, the more my arm was pulled. It was fun though~^q^ Maui is bigger now since the last time i saw him- that's 5 months ago..


And eating grasses?


And ….


rolled over the sand >.< grrrr ~

And then we walked back home..and tied him this pink hair clip..

And he don't like it …


Better without it ^q^


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☼☼ Light Up the City 2009~!!

Last night (December 1)was the traditional *Light Up the City* at the park along with other events such as the Bmpm, live bands and school variety shows. I missed the fireworks as we arrived there late and it's too crowded. I'm not into so much crowds. I would rather be on the less people areas. I went there to check the night market so I then decided to check the said event as well. Many people enjoyed the bands, others in variety shows, while some are just busy taking pictures w/ their families and friends. Well, mostly teens are in full attendance and they are enjoying so much. As for me, a few pics  from here & there, it's enough then decided to go home.


One thing i also missed is what everyone has in their mouth lol ~ the lollipop w/ a glowing stick ^q^
(like below in arrow)

this is the last spot where I stand



I also got stuffs yesterday from a friend : A POPShop dazzling diva shimmer mist & a toiletry bag? ^q^  not pink though but I'm happy w/ it. It's always the thought that counts as they say ~ and so lucky of me to have these early presents?



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Weeeeekend Break

Zhu ni zhou mo yu kuai ^_^

SO gloomy and So Boring weekend 😦

I got a new pic of zaki playing w/ water color (water color = make up kit)

It's lunchtime now.. Later , Zai Jian ^_^

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