That Sashimi…. it’s still in my throat! Argghh…


Anyways..zao shang hao ^.^ another day of stressing my head on so many things , physically, emotionally, mentally, etc.etc… Don’t worry, I can still manage to smile 🙂 And hope everyone’s doing great!

Julia was here earlier while we’re having breakfast. She is sick for like 5 days now and they’ll be going to the hospital for a check-up. I hope she’ll feel really better soon.  Despite her feeling so weak,  she was still able to ask us if she still look pretty or not anymore.

Yesterday was 1/11/11 – anyone got lucky? Was it really a lucky day? My birthday this year is also 11/1/11 😛 But some says, 11/11/11 is most truly lucky?.. Hmmm..

Days gone by so fast….

And it’s January 6!

Yep, so fast!!

And i totally (no, temporarily) forgot I have a WordPress Blog 😛 I was not feeling well lately, due to the bad weather and many other personal and emotional stuffs -u know! And it’s really hard for me to face the computer daily like I used to as many things that’s been for months now has changed. We had rainy bad weather since January 1st and luckily today the sun is here. Also, after 4 yrs. my FB account has been reactivated ( temporarily, again) and noticed it was never really deleted at all? Hmmm.. I never really liked FB ever since so I dunno why in 1st place I re-activated it after 4 yrs.!! *haiz*


Before the year ends…


As I thank the Lord for the Gift of Life, I also thank HIM for the gift of wonderful people I have met along my journey… Some of whom inspired me, stretched me, challenged me, loved me and encouraged me, but all of them helped me realized how meaningful and beautiful life is, has been and will be. I pray that they are also blessed with good health, security, success, peace and joy.

To you and your family, I offer these thoughts. May we all have a prosperous and a  Happy 2011 and May all our dreams come true~!!

*** Gong Xi Fa Cai, Xin Nian Kuai le~!! ***