Updates…and my new♥umbrella in Yellow~~

Hello and Happy Weekend~!!! It’s been so long, and am so sorry for being so delinquent in updating my blog. I was just really so lazy these days, well , for almost a month! I’m doing good and Hope everyone,too! I’ve missed u all, my WP friends and hoping to catch up w/ ur blogs as well… (^.^)v



εїз~PiNK♥aholic84 turns 1~εїз

Today , my blog turns 1, yay!!


A roller coaster year for the both of us, a mixture of funny and sad moments, hellos and goodbyes, pain and suffering, smiles and laughters. A year which i can say, i developed and evolved into a real person.

I would like to say *Thank you* to all my vox neighbors for making me feel so at home here ^q^ to those who takes time to drop by and take time to read, most especially to Freedom and LBeeeze~* i can't thank you enough for making my blog so alive w/ ur comments, to my very first vox friend Sofia! and some i can't really remember as i have not seen them for quite awhile now….thank you all so much for ur friendship!

To everyone who are part of my growing flag counter and sitemeter, u know who you are and i hope one day u'll drop a line. Thank you so much ^_^ it made me so happy to see different flags and some i am not familiar with ;p

I am also grateful for being part of VOX front page early this year ^^to the one who suggested the post*thanks to u for making me experienced being on the culture page 😉


For comforting me and making me realized how beautiful and colorful my life is.

I am wishing and hoping that you will still accompany me in the coming months and years to come and I’ll always be looking forward to be sharing more of my life w/ you!


~下面是在我家附近的32人名單~ xie xie!!! ^_~ 

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My Super Boink -Pink Piggy Pillow

It was 2005 when i received this pillow from Ate Jen. Since then, it remained sealed. I removed it from its pack and took few pics of it ^_^

as Pillow –

It has also buttons on sides where u can connect them and it will look like this :

Pillow PiggyDSC04211DSC04210

And btw, we were sent new plastic flowers. And instead of throwing those old ones which had been used since 2006, we juz put them all in a big jar.


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