Carnival Night~*

The night before leaving to hometown, we went to the Carnival…I missed a lot of rides and photos as well! I tried to check each ride and seeing every people’s faces after made me so scared! So these are some photos before the camera battery went off lol…

DSCN2996 DSCN2988

Of all the rides. this was the first one they chose 😛

DSCN2990 DSCN2989

They also wanted to try this one called Swing Carousel, which is really so scary, I guess…

DSCN2992 DSCN2991

The Space combat, I was about to ride on but then I saw it like they bumping on the air lol so nopieee…


And I like this one, Cute! 😛


And this one is called Air Force, and yes I ride on it lolllll ^.^


And we also watched the Wall of Death thing…I was really scared while going up there as I don’t know what to expect what is in there, but it was worth it! Sorry for the blurry photos lol they are really too fast to capture, and even camera kept warning me about battery I still did try to capture these…


DSCN3004 DSCN2999 DSCN3000 DSCN3001

DSCN3007 DSCN3006

DSCN3017 DSCN3011 DSCN3012 DSCN3013 

DSCN3016 DSCN3015

And one ride I so wanted to try is the Sea Dragon or some called it Pendulum Swing? I didn’t have the photo of it as the battery died already but googled some and it’s the same Carnival photo 🙂

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mindanaotimes sweetdonutspinkworld


The Hurricane Roller Coaster is also worth trying for so maybe next time 🙂


So that was my carnival moment though not a really happy experience, but when all my fear goes away then I’ll be going back! ^.^

Going Home for the Weekend^^

Okay, so i'm getting ready w/ my stuffs as i'll be leaving tonight and will spend the rest of the weekend at home. And we're going to the Beach by Sunday~yay! I heard… Destination : Del Carmen again >.< I'm wondering how it looks like by now…We were there May and July of last year. Excited to be w/ Zaki, too ^q^ as well as maui♥ and mingming~ of course, Everyone at home~♥. Hmmm…i may be scared of the sun lately cause of El Niño but as excited as this parrot!

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~Nothin’ Like the Summer~☼☼☼♥

Summer has already started~!! I can’t think of ways on how to enjoy it.  Perhaps, on the beach? I’ve had enough *beach days* last year ^q^ like every 2 months we go to the beach as I remembered. I am looking forward to see my niece♥, they are planning to visit home and I surely would go there to see them so I am hoping they’ll pursue that plan. I would also want to go to that *eco~park* which has an overview of the city… we had planned it for few times already but ended up nothing.. One day I might go there alone! I also want to visit the *City of Majestic Falls* ^q^ My mother will be going there next month along w/ my sis for her schooling. I wish I can go, too~!!

More beach♥days…..I hope it will be an exciting summer as last year!


This song was introduced to me by my special some1♥ ~ 2 yrs ago.. It was love at first listen♪~ And right that very moment, I fell in~love w/ him the song ^q^
~but of course, w/ him♥,on that same year♥♥♥..
w/ such wonderful lyrics , it'll make u more feel the summer season☼☼~!! I hope u will enjoy the song as much as i did, now and then 😉

A firefly glowin' on my left hand
Used to pretend it was a weddin' band
A tall cool glass of Mama's lemonade
Sold from a stand that me and my sister made
We'd count our quarters in the shade
Underneath a tree

2nd Verse

The boys in the clubhouse are right next door
Playin' cops and robbers and the Civil War
We'd all meet up at the swimmin' hole
With marshmellow sticks and our homemade fishin' poles
And the stars would guide us home
Oh, those sweet memories


(Well) I love those summer days
Driftin' on by like a slow parade
And everything feels fine in the warm sunshine
When your world unwinds
And 'ya kick back in your flip-flops
And 'ya don't care about the tick-tock
And the world is full of music, dreams, and lovers
There ain't nothin' like the summer
(I love those summer days)
There ain't nothin' like the summer
(I love those summer days)
(I love those summer days)

3rd Verse

A blue-eyed boy with the baseball tan
On the ferris wheel he takes my hand
Long, slow dance underneath the moon
Prayin' so hard that the night won't end too soon
He whispers, 'I love you'
And I melt into his arms

(Repeat Chorus)


The sun goes down, and the barbecue's lit
The radio's playin' that summer hit
We all wish these days would last forever ….☼



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