Food Trip : Macaroni Salad~♥

Before, my role mostly at home when we’re making Salad is only up to slicing the cheese. Today,  I was making it all myself! ^___^





生日快樂 Shiela~!!!

Last night was my staff’s birthday and I’m so glad she liked the *My Melody* stuffed toy I gave her and of course, the Mocha Cake rolls! We also had dinner along w/ defiant and miming, then had some Double Dutch & Almond Choco Fudge Ice Cream! 🙂

March 14, 2011

Never in my life that I missed to have a cake for my birthday ( that includes candles! Yes, I still blow candles up to now) cause’ a birthday is not a birthday w/out it :P. So I tried to make sure that the people dearest to me can also have that same happiness that I felt every birthday – which is really a most special day in a person’s life ^.^

It’s a beautiful day today, weather’s good and it’s warm & windy~☼

Fudgee Float ~ I made it myself ^.~

….for the very first time ^.^ I know it was so easy to prepare to some but for me it was like a big achievement lol ^.~

DSC08568 DSC08572


DSC08574 DSC08573

I must say it was toooo sweet~*more milk, less Cream and then topped it w/ lots of Nipps candies which made it more sweeter >.< but gladly, they all loved it. I’ll make sure next time it’ll be better 🙂

Ice Cream and Cake treats~♥

My staff will be celebrating his 23rd birthday on the 3rd, Sunday. Since he’ll be going home to his family, in advance we had an Ice Cream in Rocky Road and Mocha Cake*treats from him :p So much sweets today and I had eaten a lot of Ice Cream loaded with chocolate bits, nuts and marshmallows >.< that made my tummy full and now I am really feeling weak…lazy, and Sleepy..