Weekend Greetings !

Waking up to a beautiful day ~ Sun is so bright.
~Happy Weekend, VOXers~

Greetings from the other side of the map ^_^
May u all have a wonderful and fun-filled weekend!

  • Today is Jofry's birthday (staff)  – i think they are busy now and tonight we'll have a dinner with other staffs @ 310 and 311.Happy Bday!
  • Today is also the Mooncake Festival (Mid-autumn festival). Can't wait to eat some moon cakes later ^_^.
  • Another staff called and told me his sister  (1 yr. 4 mos. old) due to her illness , died earlier. It was really sad to know, she's still so young ~ we had extended our help w/ her medicines the other day 😦
  • That cat ( who lived near the kitchen died ) it was hit by a car. And her 3 kittens were left – Months ago, she also gave birth to 3 kittens , and unfortunately they r lost. Below : ( pic of the 3 kittens – held by *Defiant*, earlier)

So these are some of the *news* i got earlier – Some good, and some bad . I might be updating more later of the day – let's see ! 


I had *quake * after breakfast !


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23 responses to “Weekend Greetings !

  1. Yeah ~ hopefully … Thanks, Beeeze.Ah…it's a chinese pastry ~ like this. It has a whole yolk inside. Yummy!.Today is the Mooncake Festival. Eat mooncakes, looking at the moon ~ think of loved ones (whose faraway) hehe.

  2. Thank u ~ I already excused him from work so that he can be with his family. And yeah, so sad kittens, their mommy died ~ i guess they were juz born few days ago , I was really sad when I found out. It was only months ago when she also gave birth to 3 kittens and they r stolen.

  3. right, cap. it's really hard. I mean, death is so certain but it's juz so sad she was taken too early ~ there's so much in the world for her to enjoy and explore as a kid – but God has other plans for her. And yah ~ these poor kittens lost their mom, so worry who will feed them 😦

    And Mooncake is a pastry ~ and inside it there's a whole egg yolk but of course already cooked as the pastry was baked. And it's really yummy ^_~

  4. Very true ~ Ohhh…the kittens, I haven't seen them for almost a week now (after this photo above) but i think some of my staffs are feeding them with milk and i hope they will survive because i know they were so tiny and they still need mom's milk ;( When i have time, i'm going to check them … :)And the egg was completely cooked. I assure U – I have tried it so many times and it's always perfect ^_^

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