Who’s behind that mysterious umbrella?

My staff reported to me early this morning that her bag was lost 15 minutes after she left the counter at 4.30am.  While she was replaying the cctv cams, they saw an umbrella … Or using the umbrella to take the bag. When I viewed the same video, I was really scared to see the umbrella as its handle was used to pick the sling of the bag. The person must be outside the window when he took it as that area is not covered by the cam. It’s really so mysterious and so creepy to watch as the umbrella moved taking the bag so so slowly and carefully ~


Lesson learned: Do not sleep at work. Secure ur personal belongings in a safe place away from public eyes. I really really felt so sorry for what happened.

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13 responses to “Who’s behind that mysterious umbrella?

  1. Whoever that person, i'm sure he's already observing the people around the place – ahh ~ i juz hope it will not happen again. Everyone should be more careful and keep personal things away from the public. Thanks~!

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